Daily Lessons for Teaching Mick Harte Was Here

Barbara Park
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Lesson 1 (from Mick)


Phoebe introduces her brother Mick and develops his character both through direct description and short memories of his life. The objective of this lesson is to examine the character and characteristics of Mick.


1) Class Discussion: What is the first thing Phoebe says about Mick? How does she introduce the reader to Mick? What is important about the age difference between Mick and Phoebe? How does Mick feel about being a "surprise"? How does Mick think being a "surprise" has influenced him as a person? What types of pranks does Mick like to play? How else does Mick act in humorous ways? How does Phoebe describe Mick's sense of humor? What stories does she tell to support this description? After reading "Mick", how would you describe Mick?

2) Pair Work: In pairs, students will create a character map for Mick that details how he looks physically, his...

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