Mick Harte Was Here Fun Activities

Barbara Park
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Write an obituary for Mick Harte.


Write a poem based on the major themes of this novel.

Quiz Questions

Write a set of five possible quiz questions based on "Mick Harte Was Here".


Make a collage that represents one of the major themes of this novel. Consider reflecting guilt, grief or family.

Gossip Column

Write a gossip column for Phoebe's school's paper. What do you think students would be writing about her during her absence?


Pretend you are a character from "Mick Harte Was Here" and write a set of blog entries about the time following Mick's death.


Write five opinion survey questions about this novel. Ask your classmates for their reactions and then create poll results to share with the class.


Create a ten song soundtrack that could accompany this novel. Write a short explanation for why you have included each...

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