Mick Harte Was Here Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Barbara Park
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Essay Topic 1

Examine the purpose of setting and physical place in this novel. Consider how physical location influences the characters. How does it represent the characters? How does it affect their ideals and values?

Essay Topic 2

How does the author use humor throughout this novel and within Phoebe's narration? What is the effect of this use of humor? How does this technique fit in, or not fit in, with the greater themes at work in "Mick Harte Was Here"?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the theme of guilt in "Mick Harte Was Here". Consider Phoebe's guilt, along with the guilt of other characters. How does guilt motivate? How does guilt drive the plot? How is guilt resolved in the end of this novel? What does the author reveal about guilt?

Essay Topic 4

Trace the development of Phoebe's relationship with her mother. Consider their relationship before Mick's death as well. What...

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