Mick Harte Was Here Character Descriptions

Barbara Park
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Phoebe Harte

This character is a 13-year-old who loses her brother in an accident.

Mick Harte

This character refuses to wear a bike helmet.


This character is a scientist who likes to create schedules and keep order.


This character often uses humor to diffuse situations, especially following a death in his family.

Zoe Santos

This character has curly hair and helps her best friend throughout the novel.

Coach Brodie

This character works at a school and has to deliver bad news in this novel.

Mrs. Berryhill

This character is the principal of a school.


This character chews on the head of a Barbie doll.

Nana from Florida

This character makes spaghetti and insists on having family dinners.

Mrs. Somebody-or-Other from the PTA

This character wants to find a spokesperson for a meeting about bicycle safety.

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