Mick Harte Was Here Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Barbara Park
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• Phoebe introduces this novel, and her brother, by saying Mick has died.

• Phoebe describes her relationship with Mick in general as being close as they are close in age.

• On the morning Mick died, Mick and Phoebe were fighting over a pirate tattoo and Phoebe called Mick a name.

• Phoebe describes the first big "caper" she and Mick pulled off together.


• Mick rides his bike past Phoebe and Zoe on the way to school, and Phoebe explains the argument to Zoe.

• Mick asks Phoebe to ride his bike home for him so he can get a ride with a friend. Phoebe refuses.

• While at soccer practice, Phoebe hears an ambulance and she begins to worry.

• Phoebe learns that Mick was in an accident.

• Zoe's mom takes Phoebe back to their house while Phoebe's parents go to the hospital with Mick.

The Serengeti Sucks

• Phoebe learns that...

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