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Silvia Moreno-Garcia
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rule is Noemí expected to obey during dinner in Chapter 3?
(a) There is no speaking during dinner.
(b) There is no prayer before dinner.
(c) There is no dessert after dinner.
(d) There is no laughing during dinner.

2. According to Noemí in Chapter 4, what are her greatest assets?
(a) Her eyes and lips.
(b) Her neck and shoulders.
(c) Her breasts and legs.
(d) Her waist and hips.

3. At the end of Chapter 6, when does Marta instruct Noemí to return?
(a) In a week.
(b) In an hour.
(c) In a month.
(d) In a day.

4. According to Marta in Chapter 12, how did Howard demand High Place be built?
(a) In the English style.
(b) In the Spanish style.
(c) In the modern style.
(d) In the aristocratic style.

5. According to Noemí in Chapter 6, what do women need in order to stay out of trouble?
(a) To be witty.
(b) To be smart.
(c) To be gentle.
(d) To be liked.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Marta in Chapter 12, with whom did Ruth fall in love?

2. According to Marta in Chapter 6, who murdered several members of the Doyle family?

3. What grows among the graves in Chapter 4?

4. According to Howard in Chapter 7, how has Noemí been able to escape marriage?

5. Who delivers Noemí’s breakfast at the start of Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Noemí visits the greenhouse with Virgil in Chapter 8?

2. Who was Benito? What does Noemí learn about him in Chapter 12?

3. What warnings does Florence give to Noemí at the end of Chapter 10?

4. What is the Doyle family symbol, as Virgil explains in Chapter 8? What does it represent?

5. Who is Dr. Camarillo and what does he tell Noemí in Chapter 6?

6. Who was Aurelio? What does Noemí learn about him in Chapter 12?

7. What odd dream does Noemí have at the end of Chapter 5?

8. According to Florence in Chapter 2, what rules must Noemí follow while at High Place?

9. What does the reader learn about El Triunfo in Chapter 2?

10. What is High Place? What does Noemí think about High Place upon first seeing it in Chapter 2?

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