The Metamorphosis Character Descriptions

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Charwoman - This character is a live-in servant with a tough demeanor.

Chief Clerk - This character works at the firm with the main character.

Gregor's father - This character eventually becomes a bank messenger.

Gregor's mother - This character suffers from an asthma attack.

Gregor's sister - This character plays the violin.

Gregor Samsa - This character works as a traveling salesman and dutifully sacrifices for his family's needs.

Grete Samsa - This character is regarded as useless by the Samsa family.

Mr. Samsa - This character can be fierce and antagonistic, but also weak at the same time.

Mrs. Samsa - This character is the most sympathetic to the transformation.

The Three Lodgers - These characters always act together and are one collective character.

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