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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following acts is considered treason in Rome?

2. Where does Scylla hide out after her transformation?

3. What animal is Hecuba transformed into after she exacts her revenge on Polymestor?

4. How does Circe attempt to lure Picus into the woods?

5. What does Circe transform Scylla's lower body into?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does Hippolytus tell Numa's wife when she is mourning over her husband's death?

2. How does Picus find himself transformed into a woodpecker?

3. What happens during the battle between Achilles and Cycnus?

4. How does Midas find himself with the ears of a donkey?

5. How does Scylla exact her revenge on Circe?

6. How is Memnon remembered after his death at Hercules' hands?

7. What is interesting about Aeneas' three daughters?

8. Why does Pythagoras believe that man should abstain from eating meat?

9. What question does Tlepolemus ask Nestor during his storytelling, and what is Nestor's response?

10. How does Hecuba exact her revenge on her son, Polydorus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

All of Ovid's relationships in the text seem to end the same way - with one or both of the lovers in extreme pain. Choose two relationships featured in the novel and explain how pain inevitably rose from the couple's love.

Essay Topic 2

Snakes and birds are the most commonly referred to animals in the text. Explain what each of these animals symbolizes in the Olympian world, and why they were the animals that humans were most commonly transformed into.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the gods act violently toward the mortals they rule over. Choose two examples of violence against the mortals and then explain what effect the violent behaviors of the gods had on the balance between the two worlds.

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