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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Byblis tell the family member that she is in love with him?

2. What is Hippolytus' name changed to when he is given a second life?

3. How does Adonis die?

4. What is Anaxerta transformed into after she rebukes Iphis?

5. Whose oracle does Ceyx seek out for advice after his livestock are attacked?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ulysses believe that he should be entitled to Achilles' armor after he dies?

2. What is interesting about Aeneas' three daughters?

3. Why does Daedalion throw himself off a cliff?

4. How is Crotana founded?

5. How does Ceyx respond to the news that wolves are attacking his livestock?

6. What does Calchas see when the Greeks are chasing after the Trojans, and how is this sighting interpreted?

7. How is Memnon remembered after his death at Hercules' hands?

8. What happens during the battle between Achilles and Cycnus?

9. How does Hippomenes outsmart Atalanta?

10. What question does Tlepolemus ask Nestor during his storytelling, and what is Nestor's response?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After the flood, there were very specific instructions given to the survivors as to how the world should be repopulated. Explain how the two survivors came to be selected, describe their instructions for re-population, and describe the survivors' reaction to their instructions.

Essay Topic 2

Many of the mortals in the novel are great artists, especially with the skill of weaving. Choose two mortal women who used the practice of weaving to get messages across. Describe the weaving that each woman did, and compare / contrast the messages they were sending to the gods through their art.

Essay Topic 3

The forces of nature are very strong throughout the novel. Many characters find themselves transformed into earthly elements such as water, trees, and flowers. Choose two examples of characters that were transformed into earthly elements and explain the circumstances of their transformations, and what their transformations symbolized.

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