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Short Answer Questions

1. What power does Medusa's head hold?

2. How many days does Hercules' mother claim to have been in labor when her son was born?

3. What animal propels Juno's chariot?

4. How many years is Tereus married to Procne before he begins to see other women?

5. After visiting a man named Lycaon, what disastrous event does Jupiter create to wipe out humanity?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are the five families of Thebe formed?

2. How does Europa come to be missing?

3. Why do Pyramus and Thisbe kill themselves?

4. What happens when Medea attempts to help Pelias' daughter return their father to an age of youthfulness?

5. According to Ovid, how is the earth created?

6. What happens when Andromeda's fiance breaks up her wedding to Perseus?

7. How is Hercules killed?

8. Why does Tereus believe that his relationship with Procne is doomed from the start?

9. What is the result of Phaeton's visit to the Sun?

10. What is the response to the three sisters who sit around gossiping and telling impious stories?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The forces of nature are very strong throughout the novel. Many characters find themselves transformed into earthly elements such as water, trees, and flowers. Choose two examples of characters that were transformed into earthly elements and explain the circumstances of their transformations, and what their transformations symbolized.

Essay Topic 2

Many characters take over as the active narrator in "Metamorphoses". Choose one narrator who functioned as the main storyteller in the novel, and explain how the story was altered by that character's unique voice and perspective.

Essay Topic 3

One of the most famous arguments in Ovid's "Metamorphoses" happens between Ulysses and Ajax after Achilles dies in battle, as both men want to inherit Achilles' armor. Explain the argument that each man gave for deserving the armor, and then explain the effect that the final decision had on the plot of the novel.

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