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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lie is told about Iphis when she is born?
(a) That she was stolen from the womb.
(b) That she was a mortal.
(c) That she was a boy.
(d) That she was a goddess.

2. What sport does Hyacinth excel at?
(a) Hurtle jumping.
(b) Pole vaulting.
(c) Disc throwing.
(d) Sprinting.

3. How is Acis killed?
(a) He is starved by the nymph Hunger.
(b) He is smashed by a giant boulder.
(c) He is drowned in a stormy sea.
(d) He is poisoned by a snake bite.

4. To whom does the council award the armor that has been fought over by Ajax and Ulysses?
(a) To neither of the men.
(b) To both men to split between them.
(c) To Ulysses.
(d) To Ajax.

5. Which of the following is NOT an argument that Ajax gives when fighting for the armor?
(a) His ancestral lines.
(b) His fighting history.
(c) His strong body.
(d) His battle scars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sings a song for Eurydice that is so moving, even the harsh Fates begin to weep?

2. What is Numa's wife transformed into after she disturbs the landmark in the woods?

3. What does the water nymph transform the attacking animals into?

4. Which goddess sends omens to Julius Caesar about his fate?

5. What does everything that Midas touches turn into?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Romulus restore the throne of his grandfather?

2. How is Memnon remembered after his death at Hercules' hands?

3. How does Cipius convince Rome to exile him to his own land?

4. How does Orpheus die?

5. How does Hyacinth find himself transformed into a flower?

6. How does Circe exact her revenge on Scylla?

7. What does Ovid predict about the words of his novel in his epilogue?

8. How does Midas find himself with the ears of a donkey?

9. Why does Myrrha transform into a tree?

10. Why does Daedalion throw himself off a cliff?

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