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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Turnus attempt to exact his revenge on Aeneas after they are both promised the same woman in marriage?
(a) By killing their first born son.
(b) By poisoning the wife.
(c) By stabbing Aeneas' heart.
(d) By burning his ships.

2. Whose oracle does Ceyx seek out for advice after his livestock are attacked?
(a) Aphridite's.
(b) Apollo's.
(c) Achille's.
(d) Andromeda's.

3. Which of the following is the way that Cipius finds himself altered by the gods.
(a) His hands were transformed to hooves.
(b) He grew horns on his head.
(c) He grew a forked tail, which he attemtped to hide in his trousers.
(d) He began to moo like a cow rather than speak.

4. Where does Scylla hide out after her transformation?
(a) In a sea cave.
(b) In the shadow of the clouds.
(c) At the top of Mount Olympus.
(d) In a tree truck.

5. How do Aeneas' daughters escape their lives of slavery?
(a) They marry centaurs and live their lives in hiding.
(b) They slowly transform into marble statues.
(c) They transform into doves and fly away.
(d) They kill themselves and descend to the underworld.

6. What animal is Hecuba transformed into after she exacts her revenge on Polymestor?
(a) A dog.
(b) A deer.
(c) A rat.
(d) A crow.

7. How is Acis killed?
(a) He is smashed by a giant boulder.
(b) He is drowned in a stormy sea.
(c) He is poisoned by a snake bite.
(d) He is starved by the nymph Hunger.

8. How does Adonis die?
(a) He is drowned by an angry water nymph.
(b) He transforms into a flower and lives forever.
(c) He is mauled to death in the woods.
(d) He is trampled to death by stampeding livestock.

9. What type of animal begins attacking Ceyx's livestock?
(a) Bears.
(b) Wolves.
(c) Badgers.
(d) Foxes.

10. What does Pygmalion sculpt his wife out of?
(a) Granite.
(b) Clay.
(c) Ivory.
(d) Limestone.

11. Who does Chione liken herself to in beauty?
(a) Diana.
(b) Juno.
(c) Venus.
(d) Minerva.

12. How does Ciprius feel about being exiled from the land?
(a) He was apathetic.
(b) He was terrified.
(c) He was pleased.
(d) He was saddened.

13. What type of nymph is Galatea?
(a) A fire nymph.
(b) A tree nymph.
(c) A flower nymph.
(d) A sea nymph.

14. Why is Peleus exiled from Troy?
(a) For stealing from Midas.
(b) For killing his brother.
(c) For raping his wife.
(d) For beating a donkey.

15. Where does Orpheus go to attempt to win back his wife?
(a) The underworld.
(b) The vally of the gods.
(c) The heavens.
(d) Mount Olympus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Circe transform the soldiers scouting her island into?

2. What ears does Apollo place atop Midas' head?

3. What animal makes up half of Pan's body?

4. What is Eurydice bitten by on the day of her wedding?

5. Who sings a song for Eurydice that is so moving, even the harsh Fates begin to weep?

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