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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the sailors aboard Acoetes' ship transformed into after their failed attempt to kidnap Bacchus?
(a) Starfish.
(b) Mermen.
(c) Sea urchins.
(d) Dolphins.

2. What animal does Pyramus think attacked and killed Thisbe?
(a) A vulture.
(b) A shark.
(c) A bear.
(d) A lion.

3. Why do Pyramus and Thisbe decide to run away from their families?
(a) Because Pyramus is rich and Thisbe is poor.
(b) Because their fathers do not approve of their relationship.
(c) Because their fathers are both murderers.
(d) Because Thisbe is dying and Pyramus is the only one that can save her.

4. In hearing of Mercury's affections for Herse, what goddess does Minerva transform herself into?
(a) Anger.
(b) Greed.
(c) Lust.
(d) Envy.

5. What animal propels Juno's chariot?
(a) Centaurs.
(b) Peacocks.
(c) Ravens.
(d) Winged horses.

6. How does Clytie respond to the Sun's affair with Leucothoe?
(a) Clytie extinguishes the Sun.
(b) Clytie kills herself from the anguish.
(c) Clytie has Leucothoe buried alive.
(d) Clytie tears Leucothoe's heart out.

7. What type of bird are Pierus' daughters transformed into?
(a) Cardinals.
(b) Mockingbirds.
(c) Kingfishers.
(d) Magpies.

8. What is the name of the goddess that threatens Niobe?
(a) Andromeda.
(b) Minerva.
(c) Latona.
(d) Juno.

9. After Tiresias is struck by a stick, what is changed about him?
(a) His gender.
(b) His height.
(c) His speech.
(d) His ability to love.

10. How does Philomena get messages to Pronce after her tongue has been removed?
(a) Through written letters.
(b) Through eye blinking.
(c) Through smoke signals.
(d) Through woven tapestries.

11. After Arachne is dead, what type of animal does Minerva transform her body into?
(a) A cockroach.
(b) A ladybug.
(c) A moth.
(d) A spider.

12. After visiting a man named Lycaon, what disastrous event does Jupiter create to wipe out humanity?
(a) A monsoon.
(b) A flood.
(c) A fire.
(d) A tornado.

13. In her conversation with the raven, what does the crow claim to have been before her transformation?
(a) A warrior.
(b) A goddess.
(c) A princess.
(d) A nymph.

14. What type of beast does Apollo give Cononis' baby to?
(a) A giant.
(b) A centaur.
(c) A mermaid.
(d) An ogre.

15. Which of the following is NOT an explicit instruction from Jupiter on how the re-population of the earth is to happen?
(a) Cover your head.
(b) Wear your garments loose.
(c) Throw the bones of your mother behind your back.
(d) Use your hands to dig to the wet soil of earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. In response to Juno's actions against Tiresias, what gift does Jupiter give the old man?

2. What type of tree does Jupiter change Daphne into in order to protect her?

3. What poisonous object does the beast give to Deianara right before it dies?

4. What is Cephalus doing when he says he was kidnapped by Aurora?

5. With what weapon is Perseus threatened at his wedding?

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