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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7: Medea and Aeson | Book 7: Medea and Pelias: Her Flight | Book 7: Theseus | Book 7: Minos, Aeacus, The Plague at Ageina, The Myrmidons.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Salmacis grab Hermaphrodites, begging the gods to make them as one?
(a) In the clouds.
(b) In the pool.
(c) In the bedroom.
(d) In the woods.

2. How does Juno punish the servants living in Athamas and Ino's house?
(a) She drowns them in a river.
(b) She transforms them into rats.
(c) She feeds them to poisonous snakes.
(d) She turns them to stone.

3. With what is Phaeton killed?
(a) A sword.
(b) A wild animal.
(c) A giant wave.
(d) A lightning bolt.

4. How does Pyramus kill himself?
(a) He drowns himself in the sea.
(b) He drinks a vile of poison.
(c) He tears his own heart in two.
(d) He stabs himself with a sword.

5. What are the sailors aboard Acoetes' ship transformed into after their failed attempt to kidnap Bacchus?
(a) Sea urchins.
(b) Dolphins.
(c) Starfish.
(d) Mermen.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the competition, what does Arachne's portrait exemplify?

2. Why does Juno become enraged with Athamas and Ino?

3. Who is Venus having an affair with when her husband, Vulcan, discovers them?

4. With what weapon is Perseus threatened at his wedding?

5. What does Medea instruct Pelias' daughters to do to their father?

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