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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4: Athamas and Ino | Book 4: The Transformation of Cadmus | Book 4: Perseus and Andromeda | Book 5: Perseus' Fight in the Palace of Cepheus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of tree does Jupiter change Daphne into in order to protect her?
(a) A magnolia tree.
(b) A hickory tree.
(c) An olive tree.
(d) A laurel tree.

2. What does Jupiter transform Io into in the attempts to quench his wife's suspicion?
(a) A flower.
(b) A cow.
(c) A swan.
(d) A rat.

3. At the opening of the novel, who or what does Ovid evoke to inspire his writing?
(a) The muses.
(b) The heavens.
(c) The gods.
(d) The skies.

4. Which of the following is NOT an explicit instruction from Jupiter on how the re-population of the earth is to happen?
(a) Use your hands to dig to the wet soil of earth.
(b) Wear your garments loose.
(c) Throw the bones of your mother behind your back.
(d) Cover your head.

5. What animal does Pyramus think attacked and killed Thisbe?
(a) A lion.
(b) A vulture.
(c) A shark.
(d) A bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of beast does Apollo give Cononis' baby to?

2. After Juno is so enraged with Tiresias' answer to her question, what does she do to him?

3. When Apollo goes missing, what does Mercury steal from him?

4. How does Clytie respond to the Sun's affair with Leucothoe?

5. What animal propels Juno's chariot?

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