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Styx River

This flows through the underworld, and a vow made by this is binding even for the immortals.


This stretched across an entire mountainside, and it took a thousand of Apollo's arrows to kill.

Laurel Tree

This is what Daphne was transformed into while trying to escape Apollo.


These are water nymphs, the daughters of rivers.


This is a pipe reed that Pan created for music when the nymph he chased was transformed to marsh reeds.


This is sacred to Juno and is said to contain all of Argus' hundred eyes after he was slain.


This is what flowed from the poplar trees after Phaethon's sisters mourned him.


This is what Cycnus became after mourning Phaethon.

Great Bear and Little Bear constellations

This is what Callisto and Arcas were transformed into to prevent Arcas, a hunter, from killing his mother.


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