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Styx River - This flows through the underworld, and a vow made by this is binding even for the immortals.

Python - This stretched across an entire mountainside, and it took a thousand of Apollo's arrows to kill.

Laurel Tree - This is what Daphne was transformed into while trying to escape Apollo.

Naiad - These are water nymphs, the daughters of rivers.

Syrinx - This is a pipe reed that Pan created for music when the nymph he chased was transformed to marsh reeds.

Peacock - This is sacred to Juno and is said to contain all of Argus' hundred eyes after he was slain.

Amber - This is what flowed from the poplar trees after Phaethon's sisters mourned him.

Swan - This is what Cycnus became after mourning Phaethon.

Great Bear and Little Bear constellations - This is what Callisto and Arcas were transformed into...

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