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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

• Matty lives with a blind man known as Seer in Village where everyone is welcomed.

• Matty recalls his childhood in a village where people with afflictions were often killed.

• Matty has a friend named Jean who is the daughter of the school teacher named Mentor, who also has a defect.

• Matty is a messenger for Leader who is head of Village.

• On a particular day, Matty is headed into Forest because he wants some time alone.

Chapter 2-4

• One day Matty and Ramon are fishing together, and Ramon is constantly talking about a Gaming Machine his parents obtained at Trade Mart.

• Matty recalls the previous night when he'd heard a keening indicating that Gatherer had been "taken" by Forest.

• Matty has been in Village for six years and recalls that he was wild when he arrived.

• Leader has a gift of sight "beyond" and can see a...

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