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Nicholas Sparks (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Garrett feel pushed to do by his host the day after his first date with Theresa, even though he refuses?
(a) Have a double date.
(b) See Theresa again.
(c) Follow Theresa home.
(d) See Jeb again.

2. How are the letters Theresa acquire addressed?
(a) They do not have a name.
(b) To Catherine by Garrett.
(c) To Catherine.
(d) By Garrett.

3. What does Theresa find inside of the item she finds when stopping to tie her shoe?
(a) A touching love letter.
(b) Photographs.
(c) The bottle is empty.
(d) Sand.

4. Why did Theresa's marriage end?
(a) Theresa was cheating on her husband.
(b) Theresa's husband passed away.
(c) Theresa's husband was cheating on her.
(d) Theresa wanted to move and begin writing for a new newspaper.

5. What does Deanna believe when they see the piece in the newspaper the next morning?
(a) That it will make both of them famous.
(b) That the writer has probably died.
(c) That it will be a hit with the readers.
(d) That the writer of the letter will probably never see it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does it take from the time of Theresa's research to the discovery of a third letter?

2. Where is Theresa at the start of the book?

3. What changes in David's life after their divorce?

4. What does Garrett find himself thinking about during his first date with Theresa?

5. What does Brian admit to at dinner the evening after Theresa finds the message?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Deanna try to convince Theresa to find Garrett?

2. Why does Theresa want to put everything aside after finding the second message?

3. What clues did Theresa and Deanna find in the message?

4. What are Garrett feelings after inviting Theresa on board his boat?

5. Where is Theresa at the start of the book, and why is she there?

6. What is Theresa's greatest fear concerning Kevin and David's relationship?

7. What reasons does Theresa have for finding the man who wrote the messages?

8. What is Theresa's plan when she arrives in Wilmington?

9. What story did the prologue reveal about messages in bottles?

10. Where does the letter come from and who determines the location from which it was sent?

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