Message in a Bottle Character Descriptions

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Theresa Osborne

This character works as a columnist for the Boston Times, is recently divorced, and raised her 12 year old son mostly on her own.

Garrett Blake

This character writes letters to his deceased wife.

Kevin Osborne

This character is thirteen years old, highly athletic, and enjoys playing soccer.


This is an editor at the Boston Times and the main character's best friend.


This is the spouse of the main character's best friend, who works as an accountant and enjoys golfing as a hobby.

Jeb Blake

This character lost his wife to cancer twenty years previous and kept himself busy by working on a shrimp boat and raising his son.

Catherine Blake

This wife of the letter writer and had known her husband since they were children.

David Osborne

This person is the ex-husband of the main character and was not faithful during the first year...

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