Message in a Bottle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Prologue and Chapter 1

• Theresa Osborne is introduced as the main character. She works as a columnist for the Boston Times.

• Theresa discovers it is difficult to find a good man because she is a single mom.

• The author introduces the history of messages in bottles, including the story of a shipwrecked sailor who sent a message which showed up 100 years later in his village.

• A bottle ends up near Chatham, 26 days and 738 miles from its destination.
• Theresa arrives in Cape Cod in December.

• Theresa reads over three letters and reflects on the recent events.

• Theresa's marriage to David ended four years before when she discovered her husband's affair.

• David has since remarried, found religion, and had a second child.
• Theresa feels lonely.

• Theresa decides to spend time alone, read, and go shopping while her son is on vacation.
• Theresa finds a message in a bottle.

• The letter is...

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