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Short Answer Questions

1. What two instruments were played?

2. Where does the friar dwell that will help him?

3. Why did the two men fight on the bridge?

4. What town did the Sheriff head to to get his warrant served?

5. What drew Robin to Locksley Town?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Gilbert say of Robin's shooting?

2. What reasons does Robin give the Tinker to join his band of merry men?

3. What does the Sheriff offer "Jock" to join his band?

4. Why did Robin wish for Allan a Dale to stay with the band?

5. Why didn't Robin want Little John to go to the fair?

6. Why did the Queen argue so valiantly for Robin?

7. How did the Sheriff's men at the Blue Boar know it was Will Stutely even though he was disguised?

8. What vows did the men who joined Robin's band make?

9. What three things does the King hold dear?

10. Why did Sir Richard Lee tell the Queen what the King was up to?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Every language has its own quirks that come from experience in the area in terminology that would be understood by locals but appear strange anywhere else. Give at least four examples of words that apply directly to culture differences and that could seem strange from another language. Hint: local slang.

Essay Topic 2

Robin often acts in his own interest. Support or deny this statement. How do you think the band of men act as a whole, lawless or selfless? Explain your answer and draw up an essay in support or condemnation of the merry men and their dealings.

Essay Topic 3

Many people would say that the death of the first man wasn't justified and the reactions of the rashness of youth, but would support the death of Guy of Gisbourne as he was a really bad person. Do you think killing someone is ever justified? Why or why not?

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