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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many pounds did the knight owe on his estate?
(a) Three hundred.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) Four hundred.
(d) Six hundred.

2. What item of apparel was bestowed on the winner of the wrestling match?
(a) A ring.
(b) Boots.
(c) A fine belt.
(d) Gloves.

3. Who was the first person to miss the mark?
(a) Little John.
(b) The Tinker.
(c) Will Scathelock.
(d) Will Scarlet.

4. How much money did Robin bring with him?
(a) Eight golden angels.
(b) Twelve golden angels.
(c) Five golden angels.
(d) Ten golden angels.

5. What kind of bird sits inside the "blossoming hedge"?
(a) A finch.
(b) A sparrow.
(c) A crow.
(d) A robin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the stranger?

2. What day did he leave to find someone to help him?

3. How many pounds did Robin walk away with?

4. Who was the well dressed lad of no more than sixteen?

5. Why did Little John wish to die?

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