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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Robin talked until Little John promised....?
(a) To bury Robin forthwith.
(b) No harm would befall the place.
(c) To seek out Maid Marion.
(d) To take care of everyone else.

2. Where was the tournament held?
(a) Georgetowns fields.
(b) London's Hyde Park.
(c) Finsbury fields.
(d) Strawson fields.

3. Who was the youth?
(a) David of Doncaster.
(b) Robin Hood.
(c) Will Scathelock.
(d) Little John.

4. Who sent the assassin?
(a) The Sheriff of Nottingham.
(b) King Edward.
(c) The Bishop of Hereford.
(d) King Richard.

5. Why did Little John wish to die?
(a) He suffered from manic depression.
(b) He thought that the band of merry men had been taken and hung.
(c) He thought Robin was dead.
(d) He was being tortured.

6. What was said was on the challengers hands?
(a) Bird lime.
(b) Talcum power.
(c) Lemon juice.
(d) Flour.

7. What is in the bowl?
(a) Pork soup.
(b) A crab.
(c) Fish.
(d) Clams.

8. How did Robin decide his grave?
(a) Where they had met.
(b) Where the arrow fell to mark his grave.
(c) By the greensward.
(d) In the graveyard of the Prior.

9. What caused the fever?
(a) A butt of bad beer.
(b) A thickening of the blood.
(c) Robin's brooding about those who he'd killed.
(d) A mysterious illness.

10. What was Little John's thoughts consumed by?
(a) A song.
(b) Sweet lasses.
(c) Meditation.
(d) A butt of Malmsey.

11. What was the beggars quarterstaff made of?
(a) Blackthorn.
(b) Ash.
(c) Oak.
(d) Cedar.

12. What does Robin dress as?
(a) A beggar.
(b) A stout yeoman.
(c) A knight.
(d) A prior.

13. How many arrows flew into the thicket after Robin?
(a) Six.
(b) Four.
(c) Five.
(d) Eight.

14. Who did Robin run into on the borders of Sherwood?
(a) Richard Partington.
(b) Richard of the Lea.
(c) The Sheriff of Nottingham.
(d) Henry of the Lea.

15. Who was not included in the men the King took?
(a) Little John.
(b) Allan a Dale.
(c) Will Stutely.
(d) Will Scarlet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was "one of the greatest joys" to befall Robin and his merry men?

2. Why would the information about the Sheriff be of interest to Robin?

3. How many pounds did the knight owe on his estate?

4. What trades did the beggars have?

5. Why was it such a fierce fight?

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