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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Little John broke the door as though it were made of...?
(a) Dead branches.
(b) Fine china.
(c) Decayed wood.
(d) Brittle ice.

2. What caused the fever?
(a) A thickening of the blood.
(b) Robin's brooding about those who he'd killed.
(c) A butt of bad beer.
(d) A mysterious illness.

3. Why was Robin so happy to be back in Sherwood?
(a) It was a place of such happy memories.
(b) He knew he was financially okay when in Sherwood.
(c) He felt safe there.
(d) He felt at home there.

4. What was Little John's thoughts consumed by?
(a) A song.
(b) Meditation.
(c) Sweet lasses.
(d) A butt of Malmsey.

5. Robin talked until Little John promised....?
(a) To bury Robin forthwith.
(b) No harm would befall the place.
(c) To seek out Maid Marion.
(d) To take care of everyone else.

6. How much money did Robin bring with him?
(a) Twelve golden angels.
(b) Five golden angels.
(c) Eight golden angels.
(d) Ten golden angels.

7. What did Robin give the knight for himself?
(a) A chain of gold and golden spurs.
(b) Advice and an open ear.
(c) Money and cloth.
(d) Cloth and gold.

8. Where did Good King Richard die?
(a) In his sleep.
(b) Upon the battlefield.
(c) At the hands of foreign leaders.
(d) Aside his wife in bed.

9. How did Robin decide his grave?
(a) By the greensward.
(b) In the graveyard of the Prior.
(c) Where the arrow fell to mark his grave.
(d) Where they had met.

10. Where was the tournament held?
(a) London's Hyde Park.
(b) Finsbury fields.
(c) Strawson fields.
(d) Georgetowns fields.

11. What day did Robin die?
(a) 24th of December 1247.
(b) 24th of December 1248.
(c) 25th of December 1244.
(d) 25th of December 1247.

12. Who moved the King to break his promise to the Queen?
(a) Little John.
(b) The Bishop of Hereford.
(c) The Sheriff of Nottingham.
(d) Richard Partington.

13. What did Good King Richard and his band do?
(a) Garnished their money.
(b) Killed them all.
(c) Gave them all free pardons.
(d) Took them all captive.

14. Who was the King's page?
(a) Derrik Cunningham.
(b) Simon Garreth.
(c) Edwin Cunningham.
(d) Edward Cunningham.

15. What disguise did the King wear?
(a) The Order of the Black Friar.
(b) A beggars clothes.
(c) Prior's robes.
(d) A yeomans clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the stranger?

2. What was the beggars quarterstaff made of?

3. What did Robin hold as he died?

4. Who was in the King's service, and the son of a beneficiary of Robin?

5. Who was not included in the men the King took?

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