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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nail did the Corn Engrosser twist to gain access to the boots?
(a) The fourth nail from the toe.
(b) The first nail under the toe.
(c) The second nail from the toe.
(d) The third nail from the toe.

2. How did Robin tell Little John he was dying?
(a) To bury him forthwith.
(b) That he should go to the safe and clear it out.
(c) They would never roam the woodlands again.
(d) That he was to take over the band.

3. What does Robin tell his men to be?
(a) Wiley.
(b) Wary.
(c) Winsom.
(d) Wicked.

4. What grieved Sir Robert Lee?
(a) To hear the Bishop speak so horribly of someone else.
(b) To see such a knave as Robin on the field.
(c) To see the reward posters for Robin and his band of men come down.
(d) To see the King break his promise.

5. What day did he leave to find someone to help him?
(a) The fourth.
(b) The third.
(c) The sixth.
(d) The fifth.

6. What did the daughter see?
(a) A feather come drifting by.
(b) A leaf come floating by.
(c) A cloud come drifting by.
(d) A boat come drifting by.

7. What did Good King Richard and his band do?
(a) Garnished their money.
(b) Took them all captive.
(c) Killed them all.
(d) Gave them all free pardons.

8. Where did Good King Richard die?
(a) Aside his wife in bed.
(b) At the hands of foreign leaders.
(c) In his sleep.
(d) Upon the battlefield.

9. Who was the youth?
(a) Will Scathelock.
(b) David of Doncaster.
(c) Robin Hood.
(d) Little John.

10. What does Robin dress as?
(a) A knight.
(b) A stout yeoman.
(c) A beggar.
(d) A prior.

11. Why did Robin's cousin do him harm?
(a) He asked her to do so.
(b) She hated him.
(c) She was ashamed of her association with him.
(d) She slipped accidentally.

12. Why was Robin disheartened?
(a) He lost the contest.
(b) He was surrounded.
(c) He wasn't invited to the contest.
(d) He hadn't gained the Queen's favor.

13. Robin talked until Little John promised....?
(a) No harm would befall the place.
(b) To seek out Maid Marion.
(c) To take care of everyone else.
(d) To bury Robin forthwith.

14. What did Robin hold as he died?
(a) His bow.
(b) Little John's hand.
(c) His golden arrow.
(d) His bugle.

15. What trades did the beggars have?
(a) One of lies.
(b) They all helped people.
(c) One of honesty.
(d) They were all carpenters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Robin so happy to be back in Sherwood?

2. Why was the old woman crying?

3. How many pounds did the knight owe on his estate?

4. What kind of bird sits inside the "blossoming hedge"?

5. Little John broke the door as though it were made of...?

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