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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the tournament held?
(a) Georgetowns fields.
(b) Finsbury fields.
(c) London's Hyde Park.
(d) Strawson fields.

2. Why did Robin's cousin do him harm?
(a) He asked her to do so.
(b) She slipped accidentally.
(c) She hated him.
(d) She was ashamed of her association with him.

3. Little John broke the door as though it were made of...?
(a) Brittle ice.
(b) Fine china.
(c) Dead branches.
(d) Decayed wood.

4. Who sent the assassin?
(a) King Richard.
(b) King Edward.
(c) The Sheriff of Nottingham.
(d) The Bishop of Hereford.

5. What did Little John rub the string of his bow?
(a) Oil from his hair.
(b) White tallow wax.
(c) Yellow beeswax.
(d) His fingers.

6. What did Robin give the knight for himself?
(a) Advice and an open ear.
(b) Cloth and gold.
(c) Money and cloth.
(d) A chain of gold and golden spurs.

7. How long did Robin give the knight to pay him back?
(a) A month.
(b) Five years.
(c) A year and a day.
(d) Six months.

8. How did Little John lift Robin?
(a) Like a mother lifts her child.
(b) With great tenderness.
(c) Like a fireman.
(d) Like a soldier bearing a weapon to fire.

9. Why would the information about the Sheriff be of interest to Robin?
(a) He was being cruel to some ladies.
(b) He was lying through his teeth and spreading rumors of Robin.
(c) He was profiting illegally and therefore doing nefarious dealings.
(d) He was involved in the crowd that attacked David.

10. What did Good King Richard and his band do?
(a) Garnished their money.
(b) Killed them all.
(c) Gave them all free pardons.
(d) Took them all captive.

11. What story made the ladies of the court laugh?
(a) Robin and the Friar's meeting.
(b) The Bishop and Sir Richard of the Lea.
(c) Robin and Little John's meeting.
(d) Little John's service to the Sheriff of Nottingham.

12. Who sits at the head of the table?
(a) The least important person.
(b) The most important or rich person.
(c) The servants.
(d) The maids.

13. What was the name of the yeoman who'd held his own until he met William?
(a) Walter.
(b) Steve.
(c) James.
(d) Egbert.

14. What day did he leave to find someone to help him?
(a) The sixth.
(b) The fifth.
(c) The third.
(d) The fourth.

15. Which was the first beggar to fight with Robin?
(a) The "Lame" beggar.
(b) The "Blind" beggar.
(c) The "Deaf" beggar.
(d) The "Dumb" beggar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What amount of money did the cobbler have?

2. Why was it such a fierce fight?

3. How did Robin tell Little John he was dying?

4. What was Little John's thoughts consumed by?

5. How many pounds did the knight owe on his estate?

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