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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Sheriff decide that he would no longer go after Robin?
(a) He didn't want any more hits on his pride.
(b) He didn't want to risk his life.
(c) He didn't want to risk his reputation.
(d) He was sick of chasing him.

2. Where had Allan a Dale come from?
(a) York.
(b) Whitby.
(c) Staffordshire.
(d) London.

3. What doesn't Robin like of Little John's return?
(a) He took the Sheriff's silver.
(b) He didn't take the food instead.
(c) He took so long.
(d) He brought the cook.

4. What trees surrounded the inn?
(a) Maple trees.
(b) Pine trees.
(c) Oak trees.
(d) Alder trees.

5. What did Robin rename Will Gamwell?
(a) Will Rose.
(b) Will Canary.
(c) Will Skye.
(d) Will Scarlet.

6. How long had Robin's band seen no sport?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eighteen.

7. Who is the Friar?
(a) Friar Tuck.
(b) Friar Travis.
(c) Friar Tack.
(d) Friar Alex.

8. Why did Will get the color back to his face?
(a) He knew he wouldn't die that day.
(b) He saw Little John.
(c) He saw the Tinker.
(d) He saw Robin in the press.

9. What does the farmer call his daughter?
(a) A scullery maid.
(b) A lovely lady.
(c) A vixen.
(d) A wench.

10. Why was Robin mad at the Friar?
(a) He had insulted Robin.
(b) He had dumped Robin in the river.
(c) He had besmirched Robin's honor.
(d) He had insulted the fair Maid Marion.

11. What does the Tanner sing of?
(a) The wooing of Sir Gawaine of Camelot.
(b) A mighty battle that was had, unnamed.
(c) The wooing of Sir Keith of Camelot.
(d) The battles of Arthur at Camelot.

12. Where was the bishop that was due to marry Ellen a Dale from?
(a) Malton.
(b) Hereford.
(c) Essex.
(d) York.

13. Who was the only man that hadn't suffered that day?
(a) Little John.
(b) Midge, the miller's son.
(c) Robin Hood.
(d) Will Scarlet.

14. Why did Little John enter into service with the Sheriff?
(a) It was a good living.
(b) He thought that he would make good money.
(c) He thought he would find some merry jest.
(d) It was warm in the winter and fattening in the summer.

15. Why did the Palmer walk away muttering?
(a) He thought that Robin wouldn't come.
(b) He felt that he would want to watch the hanging and knew nothing.
(c) He was out of nails.
(d) He was told that David wanted to watch Will hang.

Short Answer Questions

1. What flowers trailed down the Inn?

2. What was the prize offered to the winner of the contest?

3. What was the stranger's name?

4. What did the friar have beneath his clerical robes?

5. What deal had been struck between Robin and the Bishop?

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