The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Character Descriptions

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Robin Hood

This character is just and fair, liked by all who follow, and becomes well-known throughout England.

Little John

This character is totally dedicated to his master, and is also one of the first to join the merry band.

Will Stutely

This character is generally in charge when the main character is off finding adventures.

The Sheriff of Nottingham

This character is greedy and constantly after the main character, but always loses.

The Tinker

This character joins the band in the first part and works well with metal.

King Henry

This character is in a position of power.

The Butcher

This character sells the main character his cart who proceeds to sell it in town.

Queen Eleanor

This character is a gentle soul, married to a partner who is easily waylaid from promises.

Eric o' Lincoln

A well known wrestler who battles one of the characters in...

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