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Chicokema - This is the small town where Truman goes to see Meridian, and where she brings the local children to see the mummy from which they've been turned away because they are poor and black.

The Tank - This sits in the town square of Chicokema, bought to protect the town from outside agitators working for civil rights.

Marilene O'Shay - The supposed mummified body of this woman is an exhibit in a traveling circus.

The Railroad Cap - Meridian wears this to cover her thinning hair.

Saxon College - Anne-Marion and Meridian attend this school in Georgia.

The Sojourner - This is a giant magnolia tree planted by a slave on the Saxon plantation before it became Saxon College.

The Sacred Serpent - This is an Indian burial mound in the shape of a snake which is on Meridian's father's small farm.

The Niggers-on-the-Corner-Voter-Machine...

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