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Meridian: The Last Return and The Wild Child

• A woman named Meridian Hill lives in the small town of Chicokema, Georgia, when an old friend, Truman Held, arrives for a visit.

• When Truman arrives in town, he sees Meridian staring down a tank parked in town brought in to defend against outside agitators working for civil rights.

• Meridian rounds up the poor, black children to take them to a circus exhibit of a mummified woman and after the show, she collapses.

• Truman goes to Meridian's house and it is empty except for her sleeping bag and poems and letters stuck on the wall.

• Meridian tells Truman that she is sick and trying to get well.

• They talk about Meridian's collapse and Truman says he grieves in a different way; Meridian knows that he grieves by running away.

• Ten years ago, Meridian was in a group of revolutionaries with...

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