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1. In the opening of the novel, what does the woman do after her husband comes home to a house that has been emptied of his possessions?

The woman picks up the money box from the yard sale and walks away without a word of explanation to her husband.

2. Why does the woman wrap the stained glass panel in newspaper and hide it behind the toilet?

The woman cannot get rid of the stained glass panel, but she cannot stand to look at it any longer, either.

3. What is one of the valuable objects of her husband's that the woman gives away for pennies at the yard sale?

At the yard sale, the woman sells an antique fly fishing rod that belonged to her husband's grandfather.

4. After she has sold everything and is waiting for her husband to come home, what does the woman remember reading about?

As she waits for her husband, she remembers reading about an old Indian tribal tradition that allowed a woman to divorce her husband by putting his shoes outside the tepee.

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