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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three, Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Allie give Mia for Christmas?
(a) A leather journal.
(b) A book of poems.
(c) A scarf.
(d) A globe.

2. Who does Ellen and Angus leave a spot for as the trial starts?
(a) Allie.
(b) Cam.
(c) Mia.
(d) C.J.

3. What does Graham drive around looking at to judge potential jurors?
(a) Who goes to church.
(b) Yard decorations.
(c) Types of cars.
(d) House size.

4. How old was Cam's mother when she got married?
(a) Seventeen.
(b) Eighteen.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Nineteen.

5. Cam is the direct descendant of the heroic chief and now holds the honorary title of chief of the ________.
(a) Clan McDonald.
(b) Clan Carrymuir.
(c) Cailmuir Clan.
(d) McDonish Clan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which defense does Graham thinks is too risky to use for Jamie's trial?

2. How much money did the woman make at the yard sale?

3. Why does Allie sneak out of her flower shop and over to the police station?

4. What kind of card does Cam get Allie for Valentine's Day?

5. What does Allie find in Cam's duffel bag as she looks for laundry?

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