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Small tree that can be trained to grow in unusual shapes.

Glory in the Flower

The name of a flower shop in Wheelock.

Allie and Cam's House

It is here that Cam continues his affair and is caught.

Police Station

Cam spends a great deal of his time here during the course of the novel, often thinking about his affair and his unhappiness.

Angus's House

Jamie goes here to live when he is released on bail pending his trial.

Pickup Truck

This is where Jamie puts Maggie's dead body when he goes to make his confession.


These expose the affair between Cam and Mia.

Yard Sale

Allie throws one of these upon learning about Cam's infidelity.

Wheelock Inn

This is the scene of the crimes committed by both Jamie and Cam.


Jamie used this to kill Maggie.

Wheelock, Massachusetts

The town where the citizens of...

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