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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Portia tell Lorenzo she will do to help Bassanio in his quest?
(a) Ask favors of high ranking officials.
(b) Denounce her titles.
(c) Pray.
(d) Give money.

2. What did Jessica do with her mother's ring?
(a) Gave it to Antonio.
(b) Left it with her note to her father.
(c) Sold it for money.
(d) Stole it for her own wedding ring.

3. Who is present when Shylock realizes his daughter is gone?
(a) Launcelot.
(b) Antonio.
(c) Salarino.
(d) Gobbo.

4. What does Lorenzo scold Launcelot for while Portia is away from her house?
(a) Trying to smuggle some of Portia's goblets in his baggage.
(b) Eating all the food.
(c) Getting a Moorish servant pregnant.
(d) Scaring Jessica with his talk of hell-fire.

5. Who does Nerissa marry?
(a) Launcelot.
(b) Salarino.
(c) Gratiano.
(d) Solanio.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Portia plan to do with what she got from her husband while in Venice?

2. What does the letter that Portia gives to Antonio say?

3. What does Launcelot tell Jessica he is worried about her for?

4. What does Antonio receive after Shylock is accused of threatening his life?

5. Why does the second suitor choose to forgo the gold casket?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lorenzo praise Portia for after Bassanio leaves for Venice and how does Portia respond?

2. How does Antonio try to smooth things over when Portia hears that Bassanio gave his ring away?

3. Why is Launcelot so worried about Jessica, and what does he think her only hope is?

4. What does Lorenzo ask Jessica about Portia, and how does she respond?

5. Why are Salarino and Solanio so worried about Antonio when Shylock realizes his daughter has run away?

6. What does Shylock hope will happen before Antonio is made to pay his pound of flesh?

7. Why is Shylock denied the money that Antonio first offered him in lieu of the pound of flesh?

8. What does Portia offer to do when they hear of Antonio's misfortune, and what does Jessica say about this plan?

9. Who is Shylock forced to deed his property to, and why is Portia so happy about this?

10. What does Portia tell Nerissa after they leave Belmont?

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