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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jessica say about Portia when Lorenzo asks her what she thinks of Portia?
(a) She is proud.
(b) She is virtuous.
(c) She is beautiful.
(d) She is intelligent.

2. Why does the second suitor choose to forgo the gold casket?
(a) Portia is not smart enough.
(b) Portia is not kind enough.
(c) Portia is not rich enough.
(d) Portia is not beautiful enough.

3. How much money did Jessica spend in one night?
(a) 8000 ducats.
(b) 8 ducats.
(c) 800 ducats.
(d) 80 ducats.

4. What does Bassanio give the young lawyer from Padua in return for his service to Antonio?
(a) Half the owed debt.
(b) His ring from Portia.
(c) A deed to some of Portia's land.
(d) The necklace Portia gave him.

5. What does Portia offer to give to satisfy Antonio's debt to Shylock?
(a) 2 times the debt.
(b) A casket ful of jewels.
(c) 20 times the debt.
(d) A title of nobility and some land.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Antonio sad when Shylock has realized his daughter is gone?

2. Who does Shylock petition for help when he sees that his daughter is gone?

3. Who does Bassanio introduce Portia to when he returns to Belmont from Venice?

4. What does the Duke tell Shylock he expects Shylock to do?

5. What does Shylock accuse Solanio and Salarino of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Antonio so certain that the Duke will uphold the contract between him and Shylock?

2. Who is Shylock forced to deed his property to, and why is Portia so happy about this?

3. What does Lorenzo ask Jessica about Portia, and how does she respond?

4. What does Portia tell Nerissa after they leave Belmont?

5. What does Lorenzo praise Portia for after Bassanio leaves for Venice and how does Portia respond?

6. How does Antonio try to smooth things over when Portia hears that Bassanio gave his ring away?

7. Why are Salarino and Solanio so worried about Antonio when Shylock realizes his daughter has run away?

8. How does a servant describe the young Venetian suitor who arrives to woo Portia?

9. What does Shylock tell Solanio and Salarino he will do with the pound of flesh he gets from Antonio, and why?

10. What does Shylock refuse to allow in the courtroom as Antonio gives his pound of flesh, and why?

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