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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shylock tell Launcelot he will not receive while working for his new master?
(a) Good treatment.
(b) Respect.
(c) Attention.
(d) Fair wages.

2. What did Portia's father want to determine through his test of chests?
(a) The intent of the suitors.
(b) The sincerity of the suitors.
(c) The character of the suitors.
(d) The courage of the suitors.

3. What does Lorenzo say Shylock's only way to Heaven will be?
(a) Forgiving all his outstanding loans.
(b) Conversion to Christianity.
(c) Jessica.
(d) Repentance.

4. What did the Moroccan Prince think many men desired?
(a) Portia.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Gold.
(d) Joy.

5. What physical ailment does Launcelot's father have?
(a) Baldness.
(b) Lameness.
(c) Deafness.
(d) Blindness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is a guest at Belmont while Bassanio is sailing for it?

2. When does Gratiano say love tends to wane?

3. Where is the person coming from whose arrival is announced at the end of the second scene?

4. Why does Portia say it does not matter how she judges him?

5. Who does Shylock's daughter ask to deliver the letter she writes just before Bassanio leaves Venice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Shylock going on the night of the masquerade, and why?

2. What does Gratiano say about Jessica after speaking with her for a time?

3. What must a suitor do in order to win Portia's hand in marriage?

4. Why does Shylock hate Antonio?

5. What do the men discussing the masquerade say they need for the ball?

6. Why does Launcelot want to leave Shylock as his master?

7. What does the Moroccan prince look like when he is first seen on stage?

8. What does the Moroccan prince think is causing Portia's reserved and quiet reaction to him?

9. What is Bassanio's response to the men who want to travel with him when he leaves Venice?

10. How did Portia feel when the Prince of Morocco chose the wrong Casket?

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