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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does the guest at Belmont give for his choice of caskets?
(a) He feels he deserves Portia's hand in marriage.
(b) He knows many men have wooed Portia.
(c) He is willing to risk all to have Portia.
(d) He wants joy more than money.

2. How much interest is being charged on the loan to Bassanio?
(a) Five Percent.
(b) Twenty Percent.
(c) Ten percent.
(d) None.

3. Who wants to dine with Shylock the evening of the Masquerade?
(a) Bassanio.
(b) Gratiano.
(c) Lorenzo.
(d) Antonio.

4. Who is Shylock's daughter sad to see leave?
(a) Shylock.
(b) Bassanio.
(c) Launcelot.
(d) Gilroy.

5. Who is meant to pick a husband for Portia?
(a) Her godfather.
(b) Her uncle.
(c) Herself.
(d) Her father.

6. How does the guest at Belmont react when he sees what is in the casket he has chosen?
(a) He laughs at the wit of Portia's father.
(b) He starts raving furiously.
(c) He bursts into tears.
(d) He leaves the scene quickly.

7. Which casket does the guest at Belmont choose while Bassanio is sailing there?
(a) The lead casket.
(b) The silver casket.
(c) The brass casket.
(d) The gold casket.

8. What is the name of Portia's lady in waiting?
(a) Natalia.
(b) Nerissa.
(c) Nelissa.
(d) Naomi.

9. What is Jessica holding when she arrives at the masquerade?
(a) A purse.
(b) A dress.
(c) A box.
(d) A gift bag.

10. How does Shylock's daughter know Launcelot?
(a) He has been courting her.
(b) He was her father's servant.
(c) He is a very popular figure in the area.
(d) He does business often with her father.

11. How is Jessica dressed when she arrives at the masquerade?
(a) As a page.
(b) In a flowing gown and intricate mask.
(c) As a queen.
(d) As a servant.

12. Why does Bassanio need to borrow something from Antonio at the beginning of the book?
(a) To reach his home.
(b) To woo a woman.
(c) To hide his identity.
(d) To save some time.

13. Where does the Moroccan prince first touch land?
(a) Sparta.
(b) Belmont.
(c) Venice.
(d) Rome.

14. What does Jessica plan to do while her father is dining on the night of the masquerade?
(a) Sneak out and attend the masquerade.
(b) Drug his food with a sleeping draught.
(c) Ask him to convert to Christianity with her.
(d) Run away with Lorenzo.

15. What is Jessica so annoyed about when she arrives at the masquerade?
(a) She is not yet married.
(b) She could not find her father's cash box.
(c) She is not disguised enough to fool her father.
(d) She is dressed as a boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Portia's father want to determine through his test of chests?

2. What does Lorenzo say he will be doing on the night of the masquerade?

3. What is the consequence of a suitor choosing the wrong chest?

4. What does Gratiano tell Antonio not to become at the end of the book?

5. What new reason does Shylock have to hate Bassanio on the night of the masquerade?

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