The Merchant of Venice Character Descriptions

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Antonio - This character is a merchant of Venice who takes out a loan, promising a pound of flesh if he cannot repay.

Arragon (The Prince of Arragon) - This character is the second suitor to try for a great lady's hand. After he is refused, he chooses the silver casket and wins a fool's head.

Attendants - These characters follow nobility and serve them in their needs.

Balthazar - This character is a servant who delivers a letter of great importance for his mistress.

Bassanio - This character is a young spendthrift and has wasted whatever inheritance he might have had and has to borrow money from a friend to woo a woman he loves.

Gobbo (Launcelot Gobbo) - This character is a clown and a servant to a Jewish money lender. This character is lazy and a drain on his master's money.

Gobbo (Old Gobbo...

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