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Sidney Kingsley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the student nurse who calls for a page for Ferguson?
(a) Sara.
(b) Barbara.
(c) Bettie.
(d) Brenda.

2. What does Dr. Levine encourage Dr. Ferguson to do?
(a) Take golf lessons from his golf pro.
(b) Be sure to get in good with Dr. Hochberg for promotions.
(c) Get a membership at a good country club.
(d) Treat his time with Dr. Hochberg as valuable and unique.

3. Who is Mr. Hudson's assistant?
(a) Mooney.
(b) Morrison.
(c) Moonbeam.
(d) Muniz.

4. Why does Dr. Hochberg tell Laura she can't see Ferguson?
(a) He's out today.
(b) He's in surgery.
(c) He's on a patient consult.
(d) He has clinic duty.

5. What does Ferguson note about Dorothy as she drifts off to sleep?
(a) Her breathing is too shallow.
(b) She has hair like Laura's.
(c) She has a surgical scar on her neck.
(d) Her mouth is a bow shape.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ferguson do with the hypodermic of insulin?

2. Where does Laura say she is going as she prepares to leave Ferguson?

3. Where does the nurse take Mr. Hudson?

4. Pete asks Ferguson to watch the floor while he leaves ______________________.

5. What does Cunningham threaten to do to Ferguson?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was abortion viewed in the 1930s when MEN IN WHITE was written?

2. What does Laura do when Ferguson tells her he had an affair with Barbara?

3. How does the author use Laura's transformation to drive home his theme?

4. What startling statement does Laura make to Ferguson about his work and their life together?

5. Describe the scenario where Ferguson saves Dorothy in spite of Cunningham.

6. How does the author establish Ferguson's character in Act 1, Scene 3?

7. How does the author establish the upcoming conflict between Ferguson and Cunningham?

8. How does the author introduce the character of Laura into the play?

9. What is the setting for Act 1, Scene 1 of MEN IN WHITE?

10. What is the author's point in introducing Barbara into the story?

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