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Sidney Kingsley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hochberg tell Mary to do?
(a) Make arrangements for the operating room.
(b) Notify Barbara's family and friends of her condition.
(c) Assist him in surgery.
(d) Cancel his dinner reservation.

2. Which of the following does Laura NOT say about her father and Hochberg.
(a) They have no outside interests.
(b) They are colorless.
(c) They are flat.
(d) They are vivacious.

3. Where does Hochberg tell a nurse to have Laura sit?
(a) In the waiting room.
(b) In the patient's room.
(c) On a stool near the operating table.
(d) In Ferguson's office.

4. What does Laura say she will do if Ferguson decides to study with Hochberg and not accept the administrator job?
(a) She will miss him while he's gone.
(b) She will leave him.
(c) She will support any decision he makes.
(d) She wants to go with him.

5. Mary knows that ______________ was the father of Barbara's baby.
(a) Hochberg.
(b) Michaelson.
(c) Ferguson.
(d) Cunningham.

6. Hochberg tells Ferguson that Ferguson has every right to ______________________.
(a) Live his life the way he wants to.
(b) Change careers.
(c) Marry Laura.
(d) Marry someone other than Laura.

7. What does Laura say she wants her life with Ferguson to be?
(a) Full and beautiful.
(b) Philanthropic.
(c) Simple and quiet.
(d) Adventurous.

8. What would de-sterilize the surgical gowns?
(a) Sharing them.
(b) Ironing them.
(c) Hanging them in a closet.
(d) Folding them.

9. When did Mary find out about Ferguson being the father of Barbara's child?
(a) She didn't know any details like that.
(b) When Barbara was admitted last night.
(c) A couple weeks ago.
(d) Just a few minutes ago.

10. What is the symbolism of Laura's touch on Ferguson's arm making him unsterile in the operating room?
(a) She is a desperate woman.
(b) Everything she represents is unhealthy for him.
(c) She need to get his attention desperately.
(d) She is a clingy woman.

11. Which of the hospital employees has to have surgery?
(a) Hochberg.
(b) McCabe.
(c) Barbara.
(d) Cunningham.

12. What does Ferguson wonder about Barbara at this point?
(a) Why she didn't want to keep the baby.
(b) Why she didn't tell him she needed help.
(c) Why she couldn't keep away from him.
(d) Why she didn't go to another hospital.

13. Which of the following is NOT one of the hospital business managers?
(a) Rummond.
(b) Ferguson.
(c) Houghton.
(d) Spencer.

14. How long does Hochberg suggest that Ferguson will be ready for an associate's position?
(a) Five or six months.
(b) Five or six years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Five or six weeks.

15. Where does Hochberg order Laura to stay?
(a) In the waiting room.
(b) In the corner.
(c) In the observation booth.
(d) In the hallway.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ferguson say is all he is thinking about now?

2. Which doctor tells some of the other doctors to be quiet and stop making jokes about patients and golf games?

3. What does Ferguson respond when Laura asks if he had an affair with Barbara?

4. What does Hochberg instruct Ferguson to do?

5. How was abortion viewed during the time this play was written in the 1930s?

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