Men in White Character Descriptions

Sidney Kingsley
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Dr. Cunningham - Although he enjoys a roster of wealthy clients, he is a lazy, careless, and incompetent practitioner. His colleagues disparage him, but because of his influential friends, he still is granted hospital privileges for his patients.

Barbara Dennin - She is a lonely student nurse at the hospital who is infatuated with a doctor and initiates a sexual encounter with him. When she becomes pregnant, instead of turning to anyone at the hospital for help, she goes to an illegal abortionist who botches the job.

Dr. George Ferguson - He is a promising young intern who struggles with conflict between his personal and professional lives. He is dedicated to his work and his patients. He hopes to better the lives of humanity through medical care and the development of new medical treatments.

Dr. Hochberg - He is the well-respected chief of surgery. His dedication...

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