Men in White Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sidney Kingsley
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Act 1, Scene 1

• MEN IN WHITE opens in the library of a large urban hospital where several doctors and interns study, relax and talk.

• Dr. Hochberg, Chief of Surgery, enters looking for Dr. Ferguson, a promising young intern.

• Dr. Hochberg confers with Dr. Gordon on a patient case and also speaks to Dr. McCabe, an elderly physician struggling to keep up with medical journals.

• Dr. Ferguson enters and confers with Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Gordon.

• Dr. Hochberg tells Dr. Ferguson that they are sending home a patient named Mr. Hudson and his daughter, Laura, has already been called.

• Dr. Hochberg tells Dr. Gordon that Dr. Ferguson is going to be a fine doctor one day.

• A shabbily dressed young man, Dr. Levine, enters and asks Dr. Hochberg to look at some x-rays he has brought with him.

• Dr. Hochberg and Dr. Ferguson are concerned about the x-ray and ask...

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