Meneseteung Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the story of MENESETEUNG?

MENESETEUNG is a short story about a frontierswoman who lived in the province of Ontario, Canada in the late-1800s.

2. What is distinctive about the protagonist?

The protagonist's independent spirit carves out the life of an artist in favor of the typical roles assigned to women of the time period.

3. How many sections are in the story and how are they begun?

Each of the six sections of the short story begins with a few lines written by Almeda Joynt Roth, the protagonist of the story.

4. Where and when are the protagonist's poems published?

The poems are from a book entitled OFFERINGS written in 1865 at a period in time when a woman's lot is assumed to be wife and mother not an unmarried poet.

5. How is Almeda described based on the photo of her inside her book?

The narrator comments on the photo of Almeda inside the book and describes the woman as rather plain with gray hair although she is only twenty-five at the time.

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