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Section 1

• MENESETEUNG is a short story about a frontierswoman who lived in the province of Ontario, Canada, in the late-1800s.

• The protagonist of the story is Almeda Joynt Roth whose independent spirit carves out the life of an artist in favor of the typical roles assigned to women of the time period.

• The story is told from the perspective of an unnamed narrator.

• The narrator first discovers Almeda from her book of poems called OFFERINGS written in 1865.

• Almeda is the last surviving member of her family.

• Almeda's younger brother and sister succumbed at early ages to fever and their mother died a year later from grief.

• Almeda became housekeeper and companion to her father who died a few years later.

• Almeda inherits the family home and estate from her father's harness business.

• Almeda prefers reading, studying and writing poetry over domestic duties.

• One of Almeda's poems is...

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