Men Without Women Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In hindsight and while in the hospital, how does Manuel perceive his final fight?

From Manuel’s perspective, he fought well, even though it took him several attempts and he ended up in the hospital again. He was proud of his fighting, despite what others, like Retana, thought.

2. Why is Retana reluctant to have Manuel fight again?

He is reluctant because Manuel is too old to be fighting and has just been released from the hospital, where he was recovering from an injury.

3. How is Manuel’s bullfighting talent described?

It is suggested that Manuel has extensive bullfighting skills. He does not even have to think about the bulls, but he just does the right thing, makes the right move. He knows exactly what to do.

4. How is the hospital described in “In Another Country”?

The hospital is very old and very beautiful, with a gate and an attached courtyard.

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