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The Undefeated

• This story is told in third person narration and begins with Manuel Garcia (and older bullfighter) returningto fighting after recovering from an injury.

• While on the operating table, Zurito threatens to cut off Manuel’s ponytail and Renata loses interest in his veteran bullfighter.

• Manuel Garcia visits his manager, Renata, and asks if he can participate in a fight.

• Renata tells Manuel he does not look well and that he should find a real job, but Manuel persists, and Renata agrees to let him fight in the nocturnal.

• Manuel goes to a restaurant and drinks brandy while he waits for his friend Zurito, the picador, whom he asks to pick two bulls for his fight.

• Zurito tells Manuel they are both too old to still be fighting, but then agrees because Manuel promises it will be his last bullfight.

• Manuel fights with a younger, more popular...

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