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Jesmyn Ward
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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of car did Ward's father drive when he picked them up from the theater after their cousin passed out drunk?

2. How old was Ronald when Wayne saw him when she returned from NYC in "Ronald Wayne Lizana"?

3. During Ward's time at the private school she attended, how many other black girls were there?

4. When Ward lived in New York, how long did she sleep on the antique sofa that belonged to some rich White friends?

5. When did Joshua die?

Short Essay Questions

1. After leaving the family in Gulfport, what did Ward's father do?

2. What would Ward's mother pack for her children when they went to stay with their father and why?

3. Why did Ward volunteer to be a counselor for a camp run by her school?

4. How did C. J. die?

5. Why didn Ward not develop a relationship with any of the other Black students who attended her private school?

6. Why did Ward's mother not have many options for work?

7. Why did Ward get tattoos on her wrists?

8. How did Ronald die?

9. How did Ward's job search proceed in "Joshua Adam Dedeaux?

10. What did Ward's father do when Joshua died?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ward began her life as a fighter. What type of fighter was Ward as she grew up? In what ways did she follow her ancestors who were also fighters? How did Ward's will to fight and survive affect her life?

Essay Topic 2

Joshua found a cellar in the woods. What did the cellar symbolize for Ward, and how did the cellar come to haunt her throughout her life?

Essay Topic 3

C. J. didn't believe in a future for himself. How did C. J. live that revealed his belief that life was transient? How did that belief affect the way he lived his life?

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