Men We Reaped Short Essay - Answer Key

Jesmyn Ward
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1. How did Ward describe where her father lived in New Orleans?

Ward said that her father lived in a modest one-bedroom house in Crescent City, It was painted yellow and had bars on the window. The house was in Shrewsbury, a small black neighborhood. The house had a fenced industrial yard on the north, and an interstate highway to the south.

2. Who was in Ward's immediate family when she was growing up?

Ward lived with her mother and her three siblings, her brother Joshua and her sisters, Nerissa and Charine. Her cousin Aldon lived with them for many years. Her father moved away from home to live in New Orleans.

3. How did Ward describe her school and her life?

Ward attended a majority white, Episcopalian Mississippi private school. She grew up in a small town, and she and her classmates were very provincial and didn't know a lot about what went on in the world outside her small Mississippi hometown.

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