Men We Reaped Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jesmyn Ward
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Essay Topic 1

Race has played a role in Ward's past. How has race affected her ancestors and herself? Have these effects been mostly negative or positive?

Essay Topic 2

Ward uses a metaphor to describe her hometown. What metaphor does Ward use to describe her hometown? In what ways is her town like a wolf and why does she come to that conclusion?

Essay Topic 3

Both Ward's maternal and paternal grandparents were divorced. How did the divorces affect Ward's parents and the roles they assumed in their families? How did the divorces affect the type of people that Ward's parents became and later Ward and her siblings became?

Essay Topic 4

Homesickness is something Ward and others from Mississippi deal with. Why is homesickness such a factor for Ward and others who leave Mississippi? How are they affected by homesickness and how does it affect the decision they make in...

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