Men We Reaped Character Descriptions

Jesmyn Ward
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Jesmyn Ward

This person was a Black woman from Mississippi who suffered from a broken home and poverty, but who was able to get a good education and go to college.

Joshua Adam Dedeaux

This young Black man was a hard worker who came from a broken home and poverty, and despite efforts by both his mother and father he dropped out of school, dealt drugs, and was killed by a drunk driver.

Ward's Mother

This person was a hard-working Black woman who never intended to raise her children alone, and who would have preferred to live in California and get an education, but she met her ex-husband, got pregnant and moved back in her home state of Mississippi.

Ward's Father

This person was a very attractive Black man who drew women to him, which led to the breakup of his marriage, and exacerbated his tendency to make poor...

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