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Jesmyn Ward
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• Jesmyn Ward explained that her book was a memoir of her life growing up as a black female in Mississippi.

• In the late 1980s when Ward was in junior high, her parents were separated but trying to save their marriage.

• Ward’s mother would drive to New Orleans where Ward’s father lived and visited every weekend.

• Ward, her brother Joshua, and her two sisters, Neriss and Charine, would sleep on the floor of their father’s small house in the Shrewsbury neighborhood.

• Joshua would always tell his sisters that someone had been murdered in the house and there was a ghost that would come out at night.

• Ward attended a mostly White private school back in DeLisle, Mississippi.

• Here classmates would always talk about New Orleans being the murder capital.

• She attended on a scholarship paid for by people her mother served as a maid.

• Ward...

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