Objects & Places from Men of Men

Wilbur Smith
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Colesberg Kopje

This is where diamonds have been found as big as grapeshot.

Ballantyne Concession

This is the title for all the mineral wealth of a large area of the African interior.

Devil's Own

The name given to the first claims purchased by the story's protagonist.


This stands for the rogues who prowl the claim towns searching to purchase diamonds that have not been properly procured.


This is the site of diamond mines where one of the main characters hopes to find fortune.

A Hunter's Odyssey

This chronicles the protagonist's travels through Africa.


This is where the soapstone statue and gold are found.

Shasi River

This is the border of the native land of the Matabele.


This is the name given to the kraal once that is now home to the king.


This is the name given to the mission.


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