Men of Men Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Major Zouga Ballantyne

This character is named for the African river where he was born.

Cecil Rhodes

This character is the first to try to organize the haphazard manner in which the mines at Kimberley are dug.

Ralph Ballantyne

This character is fourteen years old when his father and mother first get to the diamond fields at Colesberg kopje.

Jordan Ballantyne

This character can read and write, appreciates poetry, can darn a shirt, and even cook simple meals by the age of ten.

King Lobengula

This character makes all of his decisions from a wagon.


This character finds, then smashes a large diamond into many smaller chips.


This character's name means wise one.

Mungo St. John

This character has a history of doing anything for money, regardless of cost to human life or conscience.

Louise St. John

This character runs away from the king's camp and...

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