Daily Lessons for Teaching Memory Police

Yoko Ogawa
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Students will meticulously analyze the many different elements of the cover art included with the narrative of The Memory Police in order to deepen their understanding of the connection between the work's themes and the cover art chosen by Ogawa to underscore these themes.

Visual literacy is a very important skill to foster in today's world and the vivid artwork featured on the cover of The Memory Police provides an excellent opportunity to teach students skills in visual literacy. One edition of the novel features a multimodal collage featuring a photograph of a young woman, overlaid with Warholesque red scribbles depicting a piece of her shirt collar, a part of her lip, and a few locks of her hair. The title of the novel and the name of its writer, meanwhile, are presented within a circular symbol reminiscent of a police officer’s badge. Students will...

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