Memory Police Character Descriptions

Yoko Ogawa
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Unnamed Narrator

This character is the protagonist of Ogawa's novel. This character lives on an isolated island separated from the rest of the world by a range of unforgiving mountains. When the reader meets this character, she lives all alone in her childhood home. This character is a novelist, but when novels are disappeared one day, this character is forced to change careers.

Protagonist's Mother

This character is no longer alive by the time of the narrative's opening, but she is an important figure nonetheless. This character was a sculptor by trade and her immunity to the influence of disappearances brought about her undoing. This character was passionate about the need to fight against the disappearances, however, as evidenced by her decision to hide scores of disappeared objects inside her sculptures in hopes of preserving them for future generations.

Protagonist's Father

This character was an ornithologist before his death...

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